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SWiSHmax 4.0

Make your own Flash animations without having any coding experience. Choose from numerous templates for banners...

— On Scene_1 I I have two buttons and three texts with effects. For example, ButtonNext, ButtonPrevious, Text1, Text2, Text3.When I first click the ButtonNext, Text1's effects will play...
To make it easier for you, I recommend checking the available guides on the Google Search. I recommend this way because there are plenty of tutorials you can use to get the proper functionality of the next button in your scene. Access Google Search to find out more: http://goo.gl/EtdvJ3
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SWiSH 2.01

Swish 2 is the sucessor of Swish, a tool created by Djj holdings PTY ltd using Adobe (at that time Macromedia) license to export flash files.

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SWiSH Lite 1.52

Swish lite is the name the original Swish tool received after Djj Holdings PTY released Swish 2...


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SWiSH Max2 2008.3 is a program to create flash movies and sites.

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Sothink Flash Menu enables you to easily design menus for your website.

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