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Statistix 10.0

Performs various statistical operations like ANOVA, Poisson regression, nonparametric tests, association tests, quality control, etc.

— May I know how long will the trial version last?
The trial version of the software will run for 30 days in which time you also have a few limitations implemented compared to the full version of the software. You can download the version 10... Read more

The WebViewer plug-in enables Windows users —whether or not they have SigmaPlot—to explore the data used to create the graph.
Using the WebViewer plug-in with your Web browser window you can:
- View the data used to create the graph
- Print a graph in a web document at full resolution
- Zoom in and out of a graph
- Grab and pan a zoomed view

SPSS 26.0

Includes various modules for statistical analysis and reporting as well as predictive modeling and data mining.


statistiXL is a data analysis package for Excel.