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spacedesk 0.9 Free

Manage multi-user projects created on multiple computers in the same local network by selecting the main machine and then expanding its desktop screen over all the connected monitors recognized as virtual screens.

— I downloaded the driver on my primary (server) and software on my secondary (client), but when I try to connect it spins a few seconds then Disconnects. Can you help?
If you have issues with the application, then I recommend downloading the latest versions for both the server and the client. I have just tried this application on my network and it worked normally... Read more

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Spacedesk Viewer 0.9 Free

Use PC monitor as secondary screen for network computer.

a secondary screen. Spacedesk Windows Viewer ...must install spacedesk driver software for 


Provides a cheap alternative for adding more monitors to your computer.


Allows you to store, share and receive your sensitive data online highly secure.


Program to record video with LMS or in Kaltura’s MediaSpace video portal.