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Jumblo 4.14 Free

Jumblo is a powerful application that allows you to call and send sms texts to anyone around the world. To do so...

— I notice that in my Jumblo a/c the telephone numbers have all disappeared and only the names are there. Two days ago all was fine. How do I bring back all telephones number into the contact...
It's very likely possible that the database was corrupted and therefore, recovery isn't possible anymore. The first thing to do is to access the installation folder of Jumblo and check... Read more
VoipDiscount 4.14 Free

With VoipDiscount you can make free calls over the internet to any of your online friends...


Download speed booster with file-management and video-downloading capabilities. It works with all the major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox...

Skype 8.15 Free

Communicate with your friends via text or voice calls. Simply call landline numbers and mobile phones directly from your...