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Create backups of your partitions are use them to restore your system in case something happens.

— I wish to change my main hard-drive (C) to be one of a larger size. Will Ghost-15 create a complete copy of all of my programs (including Windows 7 as the Operating System) and all other program...
Yes, Norton Ghost is capable of creating copies of hard discs and partitions (operating systems included). The application creates a mirror of the hard disc or partition that can be deployed... Read more

Migrates or deploys full operating systems at the hard disk's sector level. Creates images of disks to restore in case of backup or failure.


View ghost images and add descriptions to them, explore the files withing the image, save a list with all of them and add...


Establish a remote connection between the current PC and a remote machine by selecting online protocols and securely accessing the desktop of the target device.