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Lumion Free 7.5 Free

Make real time videos, presentations or images of your urban plans, and architectural designs. Only usable for non-profit projects.

Lumion 10.3

Turns your architectural designs into 3D images and videos. Provides animated models, animations for the movements of the sun, camera animations...


The Autodesk Revit exporter allows you to save your model in a format that Lumion can read.


Save your Revit files in the Collada (.DAE) format or create a live connection between Revit and Lumion and get a real-time high-quality 3D view of your designs.

— When I export my Revit model into Lumion, Lumion groups everything together. For example, all walls become one, all window components become one, all furniture becomes one. I cannot separately map...
Actually, Revit to Lumion Bridge is used to provide a bridge, a direct access to Lumion from Revit, meaning that you save a file from Revit and import it in Lumion, but with the help of the Bridge... Read more

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A free Lumion add-on to import DWG files directly in Lumion.

DWG To Lumion Bridge is a ...free Lumion add-on ...into Lumion. Since the Lumion's version 


See model changes in real time in Lumion with a LiveSync preview of the model.

The Lumion Plug-In ...time in Lumion with a LiveSync ...it in Lumion, make changes 


It allows you to save your model in a format that Lumion can read.