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Select between six types of bag pipes, control the vibrato...

Bagpipe Player 1.02 Free

A music engraving and playing tool for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Reads and plays BMW DOS and BMW Gold file formats.

— I have some MP3 tunes and I want to put it on Bagpipe player. Is it possible?
The Bagpipe Player uses the BWW and BMW file formats. I've Googled the term and the procedure to convert MP3 files to this format, but there isn't anything available and neither it will ever be since... Read more

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Cantabile Lite 2.0 Free

Cantabile Lite is the free version of Cantabile,based on the same audio engine.

Play VSTs, trigger media is a VST host, MIDI 

SynthEdit 1.1913 Free

SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer incorporating visual VST/i-programming.

Build VST Plugin ...plugins. - VSTs panel work ...a visual VST/i-programming capability 


It integrates the policy, process, and tools of the SDL into MSF.