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DrTube will let you you download full copies of online videos. It also allows converting the downloaded clips into your preferred format.


Video converter with editing options. Has ready presets included to convert video for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and other devices.

— I have recently upgraded to a new desktop PC operating Windows 10. My previous PC was Windows 7. I have used the AVS4YOU video converter, licensed version, since 2009. I now have a new licensed...
The first thing to check in AVS Video Converter is the option to burn the DISCS. And by that I mean to check the writing speed, because with the installation of a new operating system... Read more

In this game you can destroy the solar panels the invading aliens use as their source of energy, and save the world.

Tuber Video 1.4 Free

Our player automatically detects and uses codecs already installed on the system.
Together with Tuber...

Health Mapper 4.3 Free

A free, intuitive program created by the WHO for creating maps and tables about the health status of a country.