Dos2usb version 1.59.83 social advice

Users interested in Dos2usb version 1.59.83 generally download:

DOS2USB 2.30

Emulate the printing capabilities of MS-DOS print jobs from LPT1-LPT9 and PRN ports by redirecting system commands to DI, PDF, Network, IP...

Printfil 5.26

Remotely redirect signals (ranging from LPT1 to LPT9 and COm 1 to COM9) from DOS/Windows/Unix/Linux to printers connected to a physical port via USB...

— I use SV-Daum and Printfil and have problems with printing from Printfil. Can you provide any help with the settings on DOSBox config to achieve printing from Printfil?
There is a page which provides all the necessary information related to configuring Printfil to print through DOSBox application. I recommend checking the following URL to see exactly how the DOSBox... Read more