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Garena 2011.0 Free

Play games online via Garena Client and enjoy zero lag LAN gaming experience!
Garena supports more than 40 latest games across Massive Multiplayer Online Games...

— A couple of weeks ago, my Garena stopped to work and it was impossible to join any LAN room. The next week, the LAN button disappeared and I still cannot join games. I can be online...
Unfortunately, there is no way to get the LAN button back. Garena's developer removed the button. All the users experience the same problem because there is no way to play LAN games over Garena... Read more
Warkeys 1.21 Free

Assign any Warcraft III in-game action to any key combination that you want. Extremely useful for those who play the DotA mod.


The USW 30 Light Edition software is a PC program for (remote) configuration of one or more UFO®compact headend systems. For this purpose...