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Xcalibur 2.0

Provides a series of features that combined provide full control over the Thermo Scientificâ„¢ LC-MS systems.

— Is there a way to display not only the peak area, but the percent peak area in a chromatogram for any given peak in Xcalibur?
This procedure can be found through the available PDF listed on various search engines. Access Google Search and download the PDF files available to this search query. You will find information about... Read more

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ProMass is an automated ESI/LC/MS biomolecule charge deconvolution.

ProMass for Xcalibur is a version ...integrated with Thermo Scientific’s Xcalibur data 

DeconMSn Free

DeconMSn creates spectrum files for tandem mass spectrometry data.

can read Thermo Finnigan .Raw ...separately install Xcalibur to obtain 


Implements the libraries for fileio.dll, fregistry.dll and XRawFile2.dll.

produced by Xcalibur 2.2 / Foundation 2.0, and 


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