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LogPlot 8.0

The log manager generates comprehensible statistical logs from geotechnical, environmental, and geophysical data.

— I'm interested in trying the LogPlot software. Can you create soil profiles using the software?
Yes, you can but you will need to use version 7 of the application to benefit from these features. You can read more on the developer's website.
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SedLog 3.1 Free

Create graphical sediment logs for geological projects by importing and editing data or manually generating the content for the log creation.


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AccuLOGS connect to IHS Information Hub and to data within AccuMap.

a software program that allow ...raster well log image ...Canadian Sedimentary Basin 

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AccuMap® is an oil and gas mapping, data management and analysis software.

Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and 

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Capture petrographic descriptions of clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks.

and other sedimentary rocks. The ...with seismic, log, stratigraphic, petrophysical