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QMobile PC suite 3.1108 Free

Use your computer to control your Android smartphone or tablet, and transfer files such as images...

— I wanted to restore my QMobile i5. It booted and when the screen became lighten it says "NO CoMMAND". Now I don't know what to do. How can I set my device to its original status?
The QMobile PC Suite can't be used to flash the firmware of the supported phones. You can do this through the OTA (Over The Air) procedure. There is only one thing you can try. Turn off the phone... Read more

Mummy Maze Deluxe is a fun puzzle game. The objective is to get your explorer to the end of the maze without being caught by the mummies.


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It allows you to connect your QMobile Smartphone and Tablets to the computer.

connect your QMobile Smartphone and ...the PC Suite Application. It ...to Flash QMobile Stock