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Lorex Client 11 1.1 Free

Lorex Client 11 is a program that allows you to connect to an ECO DVR on a PC and view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

— On my instruction sheet with the unit, it has a line for Login Type. On the software just downloaded now has IP Address. I took the IP Address off the VCR and network connection fails...
The first thing you need to do is to download the available updates for the application then connect the DVR to the PC through the network cable or connect it to the router. After this process... Read more
Lorex Player 1.2 Free

View backup video files compatible with ECO Series DVR devices by managing them and launching the selected file in a list generated by the utility.


Lorex Easy Connect is a software application that allows you to view your security device over the Internet quickly and easily.


Organize and enhance your multi-device system security by accessing all native and third-party tools from the centralized management suite enabling users to view and control multiple FLIR security systems via the shared cloud services over the Internet with no network configuration required.


By means of provided features you can configure automatic discovery for Firewall client computers and set automatic settings and Web browser settings on the client computer.


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Lorex mCam 2.01 Free

Compatible with MediaCenter; World's smallest weather resistant wired camera.