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LeoMoon :: Persian Type True Typist aka Persian TTT is a very simple but yet powerful program that will help you to type in Persian in ANY graphic program (like 3ds max, Flash, Photoshop, ...) and it is loaded with LOTS of beautiful persian fonts. Is very useful for users that want to type Persian texts in graphic applications.


NevisYar is the first intelligent Persian typing software to speed up typing and avoid spell errors by predicting words in context. NevisYar is a memory resident program that works with many popular applications such as Notepad, Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Outlook™ and so on. Just by typing first letters of a word, the complete word can be predicted with notification of previous words.


LeoMoon Persian TTT Editor is an application, which you can use to create text documents in the Persian language, allowing you to encode your content in basically two file formats: the IMT format, that you will be able to open using this tool, as well as in HTML file format.

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This tool allows you to type Persian and Arabic anywhere.

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