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Interact with DVDs from your computer exactly as you would from a DVD player and get access to commentaries, pop-ups...

— Hello, I have Interactual as well as a Directshow compatible DVD decoder, however my DVD won't play. The title page of the movie appears and when I hit play, I get a pop-up box entitled Error PL4013...
There have been various issues with this player and users complained about that error as well. Some DVDs have Interactual Player bundled with and then you try to play them, the software is launched... Read more

Opens regular VCDS, VCD slideshows as well as DVD-Video, DVD VR and DVD slideshow. Only usable by those who own Dell systems.

Adobe Flash Player 32.0 Free

Adobe Flash Player Standalone is a free program that can be downloaded and run on your PC. It has been designed to play all Flash format files...


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Provides the highest quality and best performing DVD.

DVD and InteractualĀ® content playback