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Your Tanpura 5.0 Free

Create your own song with built-in notes that reflect the actual instrument's behavior. Modify the mode and pitch, string properties...

— How much space is required on our mobile to download Tanpura Droid?
According to the app's description on Google Play Store, to be able to install it in your phone, a minimum of 7.9MB is required. To make sure that the installation will be successful... Read more

Tanpura Generator Desktop is an advanced tanpura application that offers a virtual professional tanpura and shruti with real high quality sound with a five band equalizer.


This program lets you produce electronically the sound of this instrument, as well as others such as the tanpura...


iTabla Desktop is a sound tabla, tanpura and shruti accompaniment program designed for professional musicians.


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Create your delightful musical atmosphere for playing with tabla, sitar, vocal.

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