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Autodesk LandXplorer CityGML Viewer software is a free downloadable program to view CityGML data sets.
LandXplorer CityGML Viewer is an interactive...


CityDiscoverer Light is a viewer for visualizing digital 3D city models.
Main features:
- Support of different data formats (CityGML...

3D XML Player 16.7 Free

Work with 3D objects and complete models viewable from your desktop.

— I'm looking for a tool that lets you display an instance tree, work with it, and measure it, not only point to point, but also other graphical features Thanks M.Lukac
There is another product of the same developer, Dassault Systemes, named Catia.
3DGIS Cityvu 0.9 Free

Cityvu features 3D hardware rendering using OpenGL with a complete navigation system that allows automated tour of the rendered scene.


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You can bring spatial data from many sources into the ArcGIS environment.

GML and CityGML, WFS, and