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Solve issues with the hard drive of your computer. Access one of the available analysis...

— Does Flobo Hard Disk Repair work on drives partitioned using Windows XP? This PC gave a keyboard error, then after several reboots, gave a disk read error. Dell HD diagnostic gives "Fail" "Error...
Yes, the application works for Windows XP operating systems. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is not supported at this time. If you try to use it on a non-supported OS, it you will give you the following error:

Flobo USB Drive Repair Tool is a neat little program that comes in handy in such situations when USB Flash drives have been infected with viruses or malware.


Flobo Floppy Bad Sector Repair is a tool especially designed and developed to repair the Floppies.


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Flobo System Repair is a utility suite able to repair and improve Ms Windows.

Flobo System Repair is a ...able to repair and ...Advisor, Hard Disk Repair, Startup manager 


Flobo System Improve let you tune up and improve your system performance.

Flobo System Improve 


Clean Disk of junk file.

disks are right now full ...application problems. Flobo Disk Clean do ...with Flobo Disk Clean 

Config600 3.2

It is a suite of tools that enable you to monitor and configure FloBoss S600+.