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Dev-C++ 5.11 Free

Provides a full IDE for C/C++ programming language based on the MinGW port of GCC (FNU Compiler Collection) as the base for the compilers.

— I tried to convert my program in keil but it shows an error of **CODING LIMIT EXCEEDED** for a 2KB file (because it's a free version). Can I convert a 4KB or 8KB C file to HEX in this?
Firstly, you should browse through the Knowledgebase provided by Keil and then use the software to convert the code. I've searched the web and the program's description, and there was nothing... Read more

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wx-devcpp 7.3 Free

This program helps you to create dialogs and frames for wxWidgets.

abandoned IDE devcpp. This IDE 


AmiDevCpp is a integrated Development Environment for Windows.