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wxAstroCapture 1.7 Free

Track celestial bodies with a camera or a telescope by recording and viewing the video feed from multiple types of compatible webcams for planetary/lunar/solar and deep sky imaging.

ATK Package 1.0 Free

Enables ATK/ACPI functionality for power management in the Asus Notebooks and provides support for hotkey-related utilities.

— I had hard time with this ATK package. Some of my function keys don't work. So I tried to find the solution and I did found it. It said find the ATK Package fom the Program and features...
In most of the cases, the ATK Packages with the drivers are located on the motherboard/laptop manufacturer's website in the support section for your device. That's a power management... Read more
Deadly Race 1.0 Free

Deadly Race, as its name implies, is a game where you drive your favorite car and destroy the opponents using weapons. With each won race...


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ATK Hotkey Utility allows you to change the function of FN keys.

ATK Hotkey Utility ...keys. The ATK Hotkey application 

Evince 2.32 Free

Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats.

Evince implements ATK interface, so 


There are 13 characters and 10 stages for you and a friend to fight on.

) - Naruto: new atk jutsu - Hinata 


Time-domain codes for simulating plasma physics processes.