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AVS4YOU Software Navigator is a powerful and handy utility that comes freely with the first Online Media Technologies program that you install on your computer.

— I installed all the AVS4You programme on my new computer. But I miss the navigator, which I know from the old installation. Where is it? Should it come with the full package? Or can I install...
You can download the application using the direct download URL available on the forums of the application. However, make sure that after downloading to install and update the application... Read more

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AVS Ringtone Maker is a powerful yet easy to use ringtone composer software.

a part of AVS4YOU.com package...from the AVS4YOU.com package...$59/lifetime. AVS4YOU 

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AVS4YOU offers you video, audio, image and miscellaneous software.

AVS4YOU...through the AVS4YOU software navigator...Through the AVS4YOU software navigator 

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AVS Video to GO allows you to copy your home video DVD or convert video files.

a part of AVS4YOU package. Register...from the AVS4YOU.com...59/lifetime. AVS4YOU 

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Convert your video files or DVDs to the flash format and place the web page.

a part of AVS4YOU.com package...once at avs4you.com...from the AVS4YOU.com package