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As the name implies, the game takes place in London in the year 1969. The player once again enters the role of a criminal looking to work his or her way up the career ladder of organized crime. The temporal setting has been exploited through a number of cultural and historical references, including the appearance of a James Bond-like character and the usage of more or less authentic slang.


GTA Liberty San IV is a mod on GTA 4. Reversed transport and the city. The set of modified texture and other visual effects make the game more interesting. In fact it's the same GTA 4 only with lower system requirements.
- Replaced the entire transport.
- Replaced the road.
- Replaced some texture and posters.


Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is a mission pack for Grand Theft Auto, and the second game in the series. London, 1969 was released on 31 March 1999.
Bulleted List of Features
New missions for the classic crime-spree game
Set in swinging London circa 1969
Excellent graphics and music
Requires GTA disc to play
For 1 player
More than 40 cars
Unique map design


It boasts of new and advanced features of the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. There's an increased draw distance, improved HD graphics, next-level physics, new replay and clip editing system, etc.


Grand Theft Auto volume one is the grandfather of the GTA series, one of the most successful in video games nowadays. This game may be old but it has lost none of its entertaining value that catapulted DMA Design (now Rockstar Games) into the successful developing company it is now. Give it a try, you will enjoy...