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ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader is an easy to use tool which enables you to listen to text instead of reading it on screen. It allows you to convert your documents into a MP3/WAV audio file with a good quality output. With ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader you can set alarms, set reminders and can easily create MP3 files from your emails, news articles and any text you want.


Verbose is an easy and convenient text to speech converter that can read aloud or save spoken text to mp3 files. With Verbose text reading software, you can have Verbose read the current text on your screen out loud with the simple press of a button by setting up system-wide hotkeys.


This program can read aloud written documents in different formats, such as plain text, MS Word, HTM and RTF, but not PDF. It can also save the read file as a sound file that you can listen to later. The program can read in different languages, thus adding versatility to its functions. Also, it is very affordable.

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The program helps users to convert text files to speech.

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