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Slingo game is the game where slots meets Bingo, from there its name “Slingo”. The goal is to match the numbers and try to get Slingos (5 matches in a row). What you see in the screen is a combination of a slot machine and a bingo’s card. You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version.


Slingo deluxe is a casino style game where you have to cover the numbers on your game card to get the highest amount of points possible in 20 spins. The game presents 3 modes: Classic, Mixed Matrix, and Patterns. You can change backgrounds, keep track of your scores, and control audio. Not available for Mac.


Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold is a mix between a hidden-object game and a Slingo game. You will control Maggie Gold, the first wife of Freddy Gold, a casino mogul who recently died right after filing for bankruptcy, leaving his widow without a thing. Maggie will need to break in the closed casino to find the will and, maybe, recover her lost money.

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